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Land acknowledgements have become a powerful introduction to convocations, graduations, meetings, conferences, and more. Despite the intent, institutions must challenge themselves to move away from performative acts, and move into commitments of real transformative change. In this e-course you will gain actionable ideas and concepts for how to move beyond a performative land acknowledgement and towards genuine relationships with Native community members.  Megan Red Shirt-Shaw discusses her research into how education institutions received their land and the steps institutions can take for land-based reparations including returning institutional land back to Native nations or if this is not possible, providing free higher education to Native students whose traditional homelands the institution sits upon.

What You'll Gain

  • Ideas for how your campus or organization can move beyond performative land acknowledgements.

  • Exploration of how to engage with Native communities on and around your campus or organization and support Native students and youth.

  • Ideas for developing a more comprehensive land, life, labor acknowledgement for your campus or community.

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Megan Red Shirt-Shaw

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw (Oglala Lakota), EdM, is Director of Native Student Services at the University of South Dakota. An inspiring educator and writer, she is passionate about Indigenous rights and greater Native presence in higher education and media. She was recently elected to Harvard University’s Board of Overseers. She is pursuing her PhD in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development with a focus on Higher Education and a minor in American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota.
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Getting Started

    • A Message From SpeakOut

    • SpeakOut's Land, Life, & Labor Acknowledgement

    • Opening Reflection

    • To Consider

  • 2

    Let's get started!

    • Meet Your Instructor: Megan Red Shirt-Shaw (Oglala Lakota)

    • Intentional Introductions Activity

    • Beyond the Land Acknowledgement

    • Reflection & Discussion

  • 3

    Next Steps...

    • Thank You!

    • Additional Resources

    • Closing Questionnaire


From Audience Members

"Grounded, emphatic, timely, inspiring, and actionable!"

"Revealing, comprehensive, relevant, progressive, and thought-provoking. I'm inspired to be better and do better."

"Incredibly informative and ground-breaking."

"Megan's words are moving and uplifting yet challenging and motivating. I'm not sure I have ever heard a speaker command all those things so effortlessly and naturally before. Cathartic, educational, and empowering, Megan is a voice that needs to be heard by everyone in the education profession."

"The changes she is advancing are so important, and so simple. Land acknowledgements seem so disingenuous when not followed by concrete reparations. Thank you for sharing what the clear next steps are for institutions to follow. Thanks, too, for your inspiring example of dreaming big and having your vision manifest!"

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